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6 Locations for Destinations Weddings in Puglia Italy!

A trip to Puglia, Italy can knock you back when the other choice locations around the world create such overwhelm for a bride. The locale photos are typically pasted up in your own personal bride journals with feelings of wedding inspiration. Spanning across the globe, brides everywhere already know that Italy is gorgeous and beautiful, yet when you use your imagination it whips you over to that gorgeous olive-green ocean, and delicious all natural Pugliese cuisine.

FFD83B96-3B54-482D-9549-42342A9E9EFFLuckily we make it easy for you and help provide a quality experience for you. You don’t have to stress about it we will work with you to put it all together. You can feel good about it as it is happening. Can you imagine how relaxed you’ll be when things are taken care of? You’re invited to work with us and and as you do you will come to find out how exciting it is.

A destination wedding can be anywhere and Puglia Italy is a great place where we take care of it all for you! A trip to Puglia is the ultimate wedding inspiration. We create a great experience prepared with quality floral arrangements that a bride could only dream about!

After all that is said and done the stress of all the wedding prep makes the process difficult. The stress and the planning can be tough for any bride. You might want to do a destination wedding for the good reason of reducing your own guest list, or us do all the work, so you can enjoy quality time as a couple. Out of town weddings are less expensive for lots of reasons; because, you are combining the added value of honeymoon and wedding packaged together so you can enjoy yourself stress free without any drama.

BEAB515D-497C-4AF5-A1BE-AE8C507BD32AYou pay for just you and that is also cheaper at the end of the day. You get to put your energy toward a quality experience and time that is well spent. There won’t be many guests as some can’t always travel and this allows less stress on you, and more joy for the experience. After all it is the biggest day of your life. Why not go big?

You don’t need to get so stressed with your plans as most of it gets taken care of by us. You get to experience the beach, excitement, and Puglia night life. The dress code could be casual when the weather is gorgeous, and this allows for a comfortable and relaxed wedding. The shoes are an option on the local beaches and that takes the aches off of those tight uncomfortable shoes. The family will meet up on common ground, and often enough will be mesmerized from the local sights, and of course this will leave you for the real romantic quality time that you sneak in. Think of how romantic you’ll feel when you visit Puglia Italy.

downloadYour guests will pay for the own flight and expenses and often can get travel deals and get to experience the (distractions) fun, and when they leave you will visit all the gorgeous places listed below. All of the meals, drinks, activities and lodging is often enough found as an inclusive package through a variety of online travel services. This allows you to focus your energy on not only the quality of your experience, but the cost as well! 26166011_1816741908358298_5577464713550941832_n26167358_1816741778358311_7019517340674918663_n

Imagine your wedding dress draped over gray marble with gold trim along the ancient cobble stone streets. What else could a bride want? Well, Puglia is not only historic it is exciting! Plenty of night life available for that romantic getaway. Maybe you’ll take a trip there and find out that it is more than exciting it is exhilarating. The brides that visit will have many exciting memories to share with their friends. The ones who don’t go to the wedding will wish they did.

A bride is never bored or worn down by the crowds of Gargano beach where you lie back and relax in the Sun. When you are unsure of where to go for your destination wedding just google Gargano beach. Then picture yourself relaxing on that beach as a couple.

26731672_1830715990294223_4494809170406939890_n26733717_1835115116520977_682260935751761772_n 1. Gargano Beach is  a gorgeous place for any bride to experience. The amazing fishing villages along with the forest nearby will add value to your trip. You will love to soak your feet in the fine sand of Gargano after a long wedding night. The rugged cliffs and caves of Gargano provide an amazing picture for all of your friends on instagram, or facebook. You might fall in love with it, and feel the true essence of Gargano. Gargano pictures will add to your wedding inspiration. The first reason is getting some Sun and having fun at Gargano beach.

2. Salento is in the lower area of Puglia and its beautiful with its olive trees and dry stone walls laced with oleander and other flowers. Salento’s cuisine, tradition, and people will weave magic through the mind of any new bride. Don’t act too quickly as Salento is a popular place to visit and gets very busy. You may want to reserve your next trip with us. These Italian villages are a sight a bride may never see in life, and why not visit Salento to take home the memories? Salento is a an amazing place and will fill your heart with joy and wedding inspiration. The second reason is the magical breath taking sights of Salento along with the delicious Italian cuisine that is native to that area.

26805289_1834156399950182_4732639036724314076_n26906960_1834155186616970_7037521138247498264_n3. Valle d’Itria is a place that everywhere you look there is a “selfie moment” or where a “couple’s photo” can be snapped! You could easily snap your picturesque shots that you can only be imagined or pictured in magazines. Valle d’atria is also known as “Trulli village”, and it spans across the valley with a gorgeous bride-like fairytale landscape filled by round traditional houses with cone shaped roofs known as the Trulli.  The third reason to go to Puglia is it’s picturesque romantic locales of Valle d’Itria that will take your breath away.

4. Ostuni is that gorgeous city that any bride will want to get romantically lost in. The traditional winding streets and age old cafes along with the cosy shopping areas, and aperitif stops make it fun. The restaurants that will deliciously seal the deal to your perfect Puglia destination wedding. The fourth reason to have a wedding in Puglia is its shopping in Ostuni! When you have downtime as a bride you may want to check out the Italian clothing brands in Ostuni.  Photos of Ostuni is a great place to put in your wedding journal for wedding inspiration.

5. Brindisi (pronounced Brind-easy) is that lovely harbor in the area of Puglia that is magical and enchanting. It has a beautiful waterfront area that charms the heart of any bride. This is for that cozy and slow moving day when you need to just relax and taken in the sights. The local marketplace will catch your eye, and the restaurants serve fresh food from the local shops. Brindisi is incredible and adding the locale to your wedding inspiration which can make your heart melt with joy. The fifth reason to visit Puglia is relaxing romantic town of Brindisi this is where you can get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of the other locations and be a couple and chillax.

6. Bari the ancient city is a stone wall city on the edge of Puglia spreading toward the sea. The stone walkways will make you relaxed as you pace through the city enjoying cuisine, culture, and welcoming people. Bari is that big city that has many walking tours that will get your bride mind engaged and excited for what’s next. Bari is a place of stimulation and fun, and if you are looking for excitement then this is for you! Sixth reason: Bari is the big city with food, wine, night life, and private sight seeing tours that will keep you going! From San Nicola all the way to Porto Vecchio these landmarks will keep you wanting mofloralre.

There you have it! Our floral arrangements are special and are symbolic everywhere throughout Italy and will blossom in your heart when you arrange your destination wedding with us. The flower is a symbol that is rich in our history and show up in many Italian classical paintings as they contain impressive floral arrangements. It is a symbol of love and beauty that we express in every thing we do.  Flowers, destinations, love — all part of Cor Flor and the wonderful destination wedding experience that we provide. What if you were to work with us? You are probably already aware of the fact that others have already worked with us and they have had quality experiences. As you sit here reading this you might come to the conclusion that Puglia is an enchanting place that you will want to visit.

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