Beatrice married Giuseppe in the magical world of Alice.

Beatrice married Giuseppe, in Corato, Bari , this past summer…She’ says:”All of our choices were about creating a relaxed yet magical day…..” Our location Donna Beatrice, http://www.ricevimentidonnabeatrice.it/chisiamo.html, reminded us of the enchanted world of Alice, so that became our theme…the place where our lovely bride and groom took their guests on a magical journey.

_DSF7441_DSF7642_PHD10643V0A0240Beatrice and Giuseppe were married in a church with a conventional ceremony in the mid-eval cathedral in Trani http://www.cattedraletrani.it/IT/,  but that  transitioned into a not-so conventional reception, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! “Our reception venue even had a huge mirror which reflected the room, making it look like we were entering another world.

Event planners..Weapulia http://www.weapulia.com/index.php and floral stylists http://www.corflor.it/ teamed up to make this dream come true..

Throughout the venue, there was no shortage of eccentricities, complete with mismatched teacups, playing cards, antique teapots filled with vibrant wild flowers, keys, and clocks…

a time-turning story line made for great entertainment, not to mention totally fun summer wedding inspiration. We were as mad as a hatter over these details from real weddings that channeled Alice’s adventures.


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