FAQ on buying flowers from our website

How can I order through your site?

Make a purchase on our website today! Visit www.corflor.it/sito/shop.php page; Select the flower arrangement of your interest and related costs; Choose the product you’d like to send between our many proposals; The Shop of Corflor guide you through the buying process by asking all the information necessary for the implementation of your ordine.Ricorda, all fields marked with a * are required and must be filled out correctly! Once you have filled all the data, you can select the mode of payment chosen by you.

Make telephone orders or e-mail?

Corflor for safety reasons, encourages customers to always place orders directly from our Web site.

Deliveries made in a day?

Corflor usually is able to guarantee delivery within 2/3 working hours of receiving the order and its payment.

Accept orders for the Sunday / Bank Holidays?

We accept orders with delivery scheduled on Sunday only until 12.00 pm the previous Saturday. In the event that there is the opportunity to deliver your order during Sunday you will be informed by our customer service and you can choose to cancel the order or move the delivery to the first available business day. In some special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day our system allow customers to place orders even on holidays. We can not ensure the fulfillment of orders scheduled for delivery as a National Holiday Republic Day, Christmas, New Year, etc ..

Can I place an order with today's delivery time?

You can place orders in today.