Get ready for the hottest floral trends in 2018

Softness and elegance… let’s take a look at the brights and lights that will make a huge difference throughout the summer wedding season.

So what happened during the winter break from wedding season?…let alone the wonderful christmas time of year…


Now, if you love light apricot, peach hues mixed with some lights and whites….you are in for a treat!!

Butter yellow is very inviting…like that of an English rose, and is really an extra special touch to your final signatured wedding look…

And there really are some flowers in the front of this list…roses, carnations, ranunculus..


The freshest flower trends for the upcoming season will be the brightest or even light but yet elegant way of bringing life to all spaces on yoour wedding day…

We’ve rounded up a series of pics for you to chose from or mix too with other floral varieties or combos!

Very bold statements in floral espressions could be a must for the big day…along with the proper use of greenery which has been implied by large in the past few years is an interesting fairytale mossy look for props and structures with colorful or paler shade of flowers.



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